And the Beat Goes On

In this book 33 authors have produced more than 50 stories of such variety and quality that And the Beat Goes On is a worthy successor to the enormously popular While the Music Lasts! From defusing an unexploded bomb in Vietnam to discovering Jane Austen’s secret writing place, the stories roam the world and the years in writing of the highest quality.

While the Music Lasts

From a little village on the Central Coast of New South Wales come 21 writers with a collection of stories that capture the drama, the complexity and richness of lives well lived and well remembered. While the Music Lasts takes the reader on a kaleidoscope journey through 21 lives, with many things you’ll recognise and even more that you won’t. Don’t miss the trip!

Ducks Crossing and the Hungry Dingo

This is the third and final book in the Ducks Crossing series. It takes place at the time of the great 1955 flood. A mystery girl saves a man from drowning. Who is she? (A clue: she later becomes one of the most famous of all Australians). A prisoner who was released to help fight the floods disappears. Why? A lady reporter has to hunt down the answers – and help Alison, Hawk, the twins, Lily, Spike the dog, and the villagers battle the flood. There’s a secret tunnel involved – and a circus!

Ducks Crossing and Thunderbolt Island

This is the second book in the Ducks Crossing series. It follows the new adventures of Alison, the Hawk, the twins Meg and Chaz, Lily and of course Spike the dog. This time the crew set sail in the their own boat for their own island. Here they come across a jackaroo with a strange past (and a secret), two mystery men, a seaplane pilot, a bushranger’s ghost, and an emergency that’s life and death for one of the crew.

And The Beat Went On!

It was Forrest Gump’s mum who said: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Well, if she’d been at a packed Wagstaffe Hall on the NSW Central Coast on 24 November, she’d have got the lot! In the best tradition of book launches at the Hall, 29 of the authors with short stories in the collection “And The Beat Goes On” treated the delighted audience to a collection to satisfy every taste: soft centres, hard centres,and the occasional one that exploded like a delicious grenade. Top Australian writer, actor and screenwriter Judy Nunn launched the book – a collection of 59 short stories by 33 authors. And absent authors were honoured with readings of their stories by Judy Nunn, theatre legend John Bell and local luminary Robina Jackson. And in the middle of the afternoon, a treat on top of a treat: lashings of celebratory champagne and a gustatory trip down memory lane with food provided by the authors to reflect the era of their stories. And for those unfortunate enough not to be at the launch, copies of “And The Beat Goes On” can be ordered through my email address for just $20 plus whatever the postage costs.

And The Beat Goes On ………..

Cher sang it: The beat goes on! And 33 authors from the Central Coast are proving how right she was. And The Beat Goes On is the title of the follow-up book to 2016’s enormously popular While The Music Lasts. This time round, there are 59 new stories from 33 new authors. Just a taste: What was it like defusing a bomb in the middle of a Vietnamese village? What was the Bride Price for a mixed marriage in a Russian Orthodox Cathedral? When did John Howard accidentally say Sorry? Where was Jane Austen’s secret writing place? How did a 95 year old shock her nephew? What happened when “Jesus” met “Satan”? Why did Picasso come to the farm? What was the effect of Mussolini’s death? And why is there a movie called Out Of It In Africa?
All this and so much more!
And The Beat Goes On will be launched by top selling author (and well known actress) Judy Nunn at Wagstaffe Hall on Saturday 24 November at 2pm. It’s a free event, so come along, meet the authors, hear them read from their stories – buy your copies to solve all your Christmas gift dilemmas – and join in the champagne celebration!

Follow up to While the Music Lasts

“While the Music Lasts” – the fascinating collection of 40 stories by 22 writers – reprinted twice last year following the launch by top author and actor Judy Nunn. And now, coming later this year, the follow up volume, “And the Beat Goes On!” More writers, more stories, more to look forward to if you’re a fan of real-life adventure writing, and aren’t we all!

The Body in the Bridge/The Body in the Bush

One book, two stories – two locations, two bodies!
How and why did a body get into the hollow girders of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
How and why did a burnt body get into an Aboriginal midden on the NSW Central Coast?
One book, two mysteries – stay tuned for publication dates!

Judy Nunn to launch While the Music Lasts! Top Australian author (and TV star!) will launch While the Music Lasts

40 stories – 22 writers – a collection not to be missed!

“You are the music while the music lasts” (TS Eliot, the Dry Salvages) gives the title to “While the Music Lasts”, a collection of 40 stories from writers who have been part of one of more of the Life Writing courses held on the Central Coast since 2009. The book will be published by Hilliard Hudson and will be launched at Wagstaffe Hall on the afternoon of Sunday 20 November – and anyone who has been to previous book launches there, will know not to miss it!

You are the music while the music lasts – your story is your story and only you can tell it – and if you don’t, it’s lost forever.

What was it like flying with Kingsford Smith and Lawrence of Arabia while balancing a bomb on your lap? How was life for ordinary people in World War Two in Poland, in Germany, in Australia? Who was the Fast Lady of Oran Park Speedway? How different was life if you were a child on an Aboriginal Mission? What’s the most unimaginable diagnosis for your baby? and what do you do about it? Which world famous heart surgeon accidentally entertained Sydney CBD by shovelling coal while the seat was out of his trousers? What was Grandma’s Cure For All Ills?

And yet there’s more – so much more. While the Music Lasts will take you on a kaleidoscopic journey through 21 lives, with many things you’ll recognise, and even more that you won’t. Don’t miss the trip!